My name is Michael, but I'm usually called miso. I'm the CEO of Little Lights Studio and the author of middle grade novels.

What I do

Little Lights Studio

I’m the CEO and Creative Producer of Little Lights Studio – a film- and storytelling studio. We love to work on authentic brand formats, emotional & evocative commercials, story-driven campaigns, projects that focus on sustainability and pretty much everything with a human touch.


For most of my life, I’ve been crafting stories, and with the forthcoming release of my debut middle grade novel, I proudly embrace the title of author. My passion lies in exploring underdog tales that celebrate friendship and the journey to find one’s place in the world. I fell in love with the fantasy genre as a child and it stuck with me ever since.

The Helena Flinn Chronicles

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Illustrations in progress

Helena Flinn & the Secrets of the Night

Every night, Helena Flinn struggled with terrible sleeping disorders, until the night a secret world sprang to life beneath the bustling streets of Vienna. It all started with an unexpected meeting with a curious creature who desperately needed her help.

A brave girl full of imagination, Helena clashed with a world of science and engineering and found herself facing a new threat to both dreams and the waking world.


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