I’m miso.

Who I Am

I’m a person wearing many hats – I’m a digital storyteller, writer, director, producer, organizer, strategic thinker, creative, maker, and most importantly, father of two lovely girls that mean the life to me. Depending on the situation and context, wearing one hat definitely is an easier choice – then again, what really defines me, is the combination of all of them. In everything I do and everything I love, stories are the common theme that drives me – so probably all of my hats are mere a shade of the color storyteller.

What I Do

I’m a writer & director who worked for children’s television and commercials. I’m the founder and CEO of the digital storytelling studio Little Lights Studio which focuses on branded entertainment, animation and story driven products in all kinds of media. I have launched a product that is very dear to me: a storytelling app for parents called Bedtime Stories. It’s a platform and boutique collection of empowering and diverse children stories written with loving care by authors from all around the world. This website will feature all of the forays of my business life and present a collection of the work and communication pieces I’m most proud of.

You can find me on , Medium, and LinkedIn.